Beloved  Diva  Sister...

Thank You for saying YES!
To your Highest Divine Essence by choosing
to enter the Temple Of Wombn!

You have already amplified the Divine
healing power & presence in your life and in all those
you touch, just by imagining your inclusion
in the Sacred Circle we've created for you here.

Perhaps you already sense it --
theres true magik brewing for you here.

Now that our paths have met, expect
to grow more centered in the Truth
& Power of your feminine essence
from this moment forward!

You already know there are no
accidents, the strength of your healers path
has brought you here. 

You truly honor this Temple
and all Life with your commitment
to realizing and Living through your Highest Powers
& Deepest Passions.

I and your Sisters Welcome you!

We praise your foresight & Vision
for total self & YOUniversal Healing, and for
deciding to mingle your juiciness with our Sacred Circle!

We Love you Diva Sister.

We have Beautiful Visions of all
we can birth together, and we know
the most stunning achievements will cum
from the womb-Light in you,
neither of us has yet imagined. 

We do, however, smell its sweet
aroma touching us through the ethers,
inspiring our Temple to shine brighter,
touch sweeter
and sing louder!

I am so happy to have you with us!
Welcome to the Temple Of Wombn!

Let the Loving
and the Learning
and the honey-drippin Joy & Power of our
united Orgasmic Wombnhood


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