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"There iz no greater mind than that which lives between the thighs
 of Orgasmically Awakend Wombn"
the 10 Moons Initiation ~ June 2010 - March 2011

Diva, we are inviting you to reclaim your Divine Feminine birthright to wield your powers with confident Beauty, Grace & Ease. The masculine model iz not the only way. We have our own Magiks, of which we are the natural mothers. The Urth iz calling we, Her daughters, to lead humanity & the planet through the new epoch that has already begun.

You are the answer to this call.
You know this.
It's what you've always wanted.

We are here to support, guide & protect you as you give birth to Magik & Mother Power growing  for all our good, in your womb.

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- This Session iz Now Closed -
Next session opens in Jan 2012

We welcome you to the Sacred Diva Circle!
        Your place of honor has been prepared and awaits you. 

Let's Be Beautiful Together! 


copyright 2010 the Temple Of Wombn