Special Announcement

Happy New YOU Diva!

And Welcome Home.

I want you to know that all we achieve and strive for in the Temple Of Wombn, iz in heart and fact, for you, Diva.  Recognizing, bearing witness to and bringing real healing to your needs, your Desires, your fears and your Magnificence iz why we exist.

As we grow to know each other, you will meet and come to love all the Moons of our
10 Moon Calendar/Oracle. Let me begin by introducing you to Building The Circle Moon.

This Moon iz a ripe time to offer up all in your mind and world that threatens to keep you from your Bliss. The Circle iz one place you can safely lay your burdens down and come to embrace who you are without these weights.

In this archived New Year's Activation Call, your Diva Sisters in the Sacred Circle created a ritual for you to practice this kind of positive release. True to our feminine guidance, we let go, not by purging, but by embracing our capacity -through the Circle- to invite, heal and love even more of ourselves.

I'd like you to have this ritual activation as my Welcome
Gift. Use and share it to your womb's content...

Join Our Temple Community & Claim Your Free Gift!

If you find that this activation stirs new visions, Desires or questions for you, don't hesitate to bring these to me and your Diva sisters in the Circle Online.

You are Loved Diva !

See You in the Circle.

Divaliciously Yours,


Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming
Chief Priestess & Founding Diva Mama of the Temple Of Wombn
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