the Magik In YOU! ~ a Free Orgasmic Equinox Event for Wombn

Spring Equinox iz a time to celebrate our capacity for Rebirth and Revelation. One of your most valuable Divine Feminine Powers iz the ability to thoroughly absorb this potent energy gateway, and later call it up for self and Circle, where and whenever you are in the year.

"There are secrets about yourself
you've never been told of…fierce magik you barely know"

Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Diva Mama Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming are  Internationally renowned and beloved leading lights in sacred living, sexuality and ceremony. These two highly sought after mentors and icons will introduce you to the Five Principles of Feminine Mastery and share a Spring Equinox activation for you to release inertia, self-sabotage and fatigue; while re-aligning with your indwelling Divine Feminine Orgasmic Core!

We'll also share how You can join us in a select Circle of Diva Champions and Leaders for 21 Days of Advanced Feminine Mastery!

Full Disclosure
This will not be just another feel good, inspiration-for-spectators event. No passive participants Desired or Allowed.  Come to us ready to be Engaged, Delighted, Challenged, Revealed & Turned ON to the real world Power of your untapped Feminine Mastery.

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"Living my Dream of activated Feminine Mastery would mean.."  

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Wow, Divas the Temple of Wombn has provided me a sanctuary for deep divine healing and innerstanding of the power of my womb.

Nickesha Sanders | Dallas, Texas

This stepping further into mastery is a lot of fun and providing much wonder to behold. I feel like I'm deconstructing, been demo-ed and am rebuilding from the ground up. I am watching my words and catching myself using some that I'd rather substitute with more positive, more diva-like connotations the next time. I'm realizing again, as I have off and on forever, that the tension that I hold especially in my belly, my pelvis, my womb - it's time for it to be released and let that energy flow...I know there is more to be done.

-Diva Deb Shanelic | Detroit, MI

I listened to this call last night and I meditated to the entire thing.  I love your voice, your speech and your subject matter!  I truly needed what you gave last night and I honor you my sister friend.  I truly honor you!  I am grateful that you exist and I see myself, my God and of course Great Goddess in you!

-Diva Kenya K. Stevens | Harlem,NY

I would not BE where I am Today were it not for the Temple of Wombn Initiations I have completed. Living Life Orgasmically is the ONLY way to Live! What would your life be like if you lived it with THAT much Joy and Passion?

-Diva Velma Gallant | Okotoks, AB, Canada

My Temple Of Wombn Initiation has been changing my life in many ways, solidifying who I am and what I want to do in my life...gathering my power as a woman and helping me to share that in a good way.  I give thanks.  Ase, Aho!

- Diva Jane Marron-Innmon | Tucson, AZ

What I had to face and release I don't think I would have allowed myself to do so unless I had the support of this particular Circle. I've been in medicine groups over the last 25 years before but none like this one. It has truly been a blessing.

-Diva Raet Shishini | Cleaveland, OH

See YOU in the Circle!

Lets Be Beautiful Together

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