The Temple Of Wombn's Womb Wisdom Healers Circle -Bliss Revelation Sisterhood
Divine, Intelligent, Vulvically Awakening Orgasmic Wombn:

 You've been chosen to receive this because you've declared yourself as a wombn conscious of your Gifts & Desires as active calls for deeper healing mastery
Are You Ready to Let Go of Stress, Worry & Struggle... And Live Your Life as the Divine Revelation of Bliss YOU Always Meant It To Be?
Join a Sacred healing & learning Sisterhood where wombn anywhere & everywhere are Learning & Activating the keys to realize, grow & send forth your own healing Power to achieve shamelessly vibrant well-being, unwavering passion, crystal clear purpose, inspired relationships & blissful prosperity!
Join This One-of-a-Kind Liberational Circle to Feed the Master Healer waiting to be Revealed in/as You with Activating Doses of the Secret Magiks that have Guided Me through 14+ years of Blissfully Supported Healing Service, Year-Round via Phone and Internet...
~ the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle ~
You'll Want to Act NOW. Read on to Get the All the Juice, including Your FREE Effortless Attraction Activation... And Wait 'til You See the Extra Goodies We Got Stirrin in the Temple Pot for You!
From Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming
In my Beautiful Temple Home in Tucson, Arizona, USA
4:44am, Effortless Attracting Moon's Eve
Beloved Diva Sister
I'm taking the Gift of entering this New Moon, to sing to and with YOU Diva!
I'm singing appreciation for the Gift of your conscious Beauty & Soul-born Desires
I'm singing celebration for the worldwide healing expansion You've helped to co-create by coming to this temple wearing your Truth
I'm singing lusty anticipation for You claiming as your home, your platform & your refuge the Sacred Circle of awareness and mastery that iz
the pulse of the Temple Of Wombn
Since before answering the call to open this temple with that close Circle of founding Divas back in March of 2003, I have borne the ever-present urging to envision and activate a Circle large and potent enough to offer a true healing home to all the Beautiful Divas who are unable to take advantage of the 10 Moons Initiation, but are no less ready to realize and activate their own Divine healing Gifts.
I want you to know I feel you Sister.
I don't mean that metaphorically either. I Feel You.
The thick threads of heartfelt longing, faith, courage and genuine passion for whole self revelation and service that reach out to me from your emails, offered Desires and indeed from the soul-born prayers and Dreams that lead you here...
From these living threads of hope and recognition, I feel you Sister every day I live and breathe.
You are valiantly doing everything you can to be true the Divine presence you know iz at the heart of all your Desires
You take courses, read the deepest books, take cleanses and go on healing retreats...
And still, you find yourself Tired, too often Defeated and striving Alone for real world sustenance in your journey to mastery.
You are not now, nor were you ever meant to "Go It Alone", Diva Sister and struggle iz a waste of your Magnificence!
As a wombn, the magik of the Circle wherein you can learn to command All Your Magiks, iz your birthright to own, be fed by and to uphold for our daughters to come.
"The Greatest possible mastermind iz that which iz activated between the thighs in a community of Orgasmically Awakened Wombn!"
You deserve, and your soul iz calling out for...
    Ownership of the applied alkhamy jewels I've personally used throughout my years of healing service, to create the inner and outer Freedom & Prosperity to serve Divine in Blissful Surrender
    Time to thoroughly ingest, assimilate & make your own these powerful Soul, Sex, Spirit, Circle & Wealth Magik attunments, in clear, easy to apply doses
    The honest, reliable & unconditional support and Love that cums from being embraced for Your Truth in a Circle of Creative, Passionate & Mission Driven Diva Sisters
I'm delighted & excited to (at long last) present to you:
~ the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle! ~
Activate Your Membership Now
As a Beloved Circle Member you will:
Quit the “Treadmill Club” by Learning to Live & Work in Harmony with Your Feminine Cosmic & Life Cycles

    Our 10 Moon Calendar Oracle iz the central, Divine Gift calling for the formation & growth of the Temple Of Wombn. Too many of us succumb to "treadmill living" because we were never given the proper maps or even a compass to see and plan our lives and Dreams according to our unique feminine needs. Each New Moon iz a personal & planetary oracle You will learn to apply to forecast and tap into the Divine Flow of YOUniversal Feminine Essence!
Current Temple Year Beginning June 2010
Building the Circle Moon Jun
Healing Old Wounds Moon Jul
Being Naked Moon Aug
Sacred Beauty Moon Sep
Lovers & Friends Moon Oct
Mapping Your Divine Life Moon Nov
Effortless Attracting Moon Dec
Outrageous Indulgence Moon Jan 2011
Extending the Circle Moon Feb
Birthing New Beginnings Moon Mar


Every month, we'll dive into the Wisdom of these lunar oracles, awakening your Power to naturally & effortlessly flow in harmony with the Cycles of the Great Mother by...
    • Insperiancing & accessing at will the Living Power within Your Womb that eternally links you with all Wisdom
    • Revealing, without pain or suffering, the wounds that have held you back from Liberating Your Desires and healing them with Blissful ease
    • Accessing & shamelessly declaring the Raw, Beautiful Truth of Your Gifts without apology or hesitation
    • Activating Your Sovereign ownership & Power to project Your Divine Essence to call the Desires of your heart directly to You
    • Bringing All your relationships (personal & professional), into Ecstatic Alignment with Your Soul's Desires
    • Creating & clearly articulating Your choices & requirements for fulfillment on Your Path to realizing Your Bliss
    • Demystifying & engaging Your indwelling Magik Power to receive All that You Desire, Abundantly through Grace & Ease
    • Liberating & appreciating the Gift & Wisdom of Your ability to embody & reveal Pleasure, in All ways
    • Grounding all You learn by stepping boldly forth to reveal Your Wisdom with ever more Appreciative & Vision Aligned partners, clients & loves
    • Exercising Your Divine Right to redefine, reshape & refine as You Choose, in active alignment with the Source of Your Bliss
You already know you Have the Power. Now you'll also have the guidance and support you need to own and wield it like the DIVA you were born to be (I promise you've waited long enough already)!
Immediately Get & Stay Tuned In, Turned On and Soul Fed
with & for Your Diva Sisters

The writer (& Diva) SARK calls telephones "psychic sound chambers".
The Diva Call iz like stepping into a psychic sound, light & love embrace, that simply must be experienced to felt to be understood! From the beginnings of time Wombn have used the Sacred alkhamy of the Circle to teach, heal, celebrate and govern.
The Circle iz a Living Essence that unites us
with all our Mothers who have come before us,
with all Wombn everywhere who now share this life walk with us,
and with all our Daughters & Sisters who will continue after us.
Through the Circle
we feel their pain,
sing their freedom,
dance their Beauty,
take ownership of their Dreams,
and give birth
to the new evolution of humankind!
The Sacred Circle iz our core.
The Circle iz our Mother.
Twice each month, at 5pm Pacific (Calif. time), on a Tuesday or Thursday, you will feel and be fed by the Soul Embrace of your own exclusive New & Full Moon Interactive Circle Calls for targeted energetic Attunment & Activation.
You’ll Never Miss Out because You Get Unlimited Refills of ALL Circle Calls
Whenever You Desire

I want you to know you can re-enter the healing embrace of our Sacred Circle any time you choose. While you will learn to do this using nothing more than your clearly held intention, we also want you to have the option of re-living our New & Full Moon Diva Calls at the push of a button, when & wherever you want.

Exclusive mp3 recordings - available only to Womb Wisdom Healers Circle members - of each Diva Call will be posted & archived on a special web page for you to listen to online or download as you please.

Stay Plugged In to the Moon Lessons & Receive Practical Keys
to Deepen Your Revelation

Even the Brightest Healing Lights often grow dim without the support of Consistent, High Potency Inspiration.  I've created the exclusive Womb Wisdom Private Activation eLetter especially to Support & Heighten Your Growing Mastery of Your Own Divine Feminine Gifts. 

You'll be treated to weekly(ish) doses of Divinely Guided Invitations, Rituals, Herb & Crystal Alkhamy and proven Jewels for You to use to more Confidently Embody & Amplify All Your Magiks! 

Think of Your Womb Wisdom eLetters as a Living Revelation Journey You & I continue together. These are Sacred Medicine Treasures You'll want to collect & refer to over & over again.

Never Feel Alone Again because You can Reach for & Receive Genuine Support, Celebration & Cooperation any Day, any Time & for any Reason You Want or Need it

Having a reliable place of Safety, Trust & Unconditional Embrace of the Divine Diva You always are, even & especially when You've forgotten this about yourself, iz vital to every wombn's healing growth.

Sadly, many wombn have told me they are reluctant to share themselves openly in online forums lest they be ridiculed, "flamed", spammed or rudely ignored.

If this has been your experience, I can't wait for You to meet the embrace of our Phenomenal Circle Online!

We have established a Physically & Spiritually Secure Online space that iz the Living Extension of the Sacred Circle you meet on our Diva Calls in Every Way. As a member of the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle, You will have access to Your Own Private "Members Only" Area in the Circle Online, that's Exclusively Yours to freely Heal, Play, Grow, Learn & Share Your Gifts, 24/7 - Whenever, and wherever You need to Touch the Strength of Your Circle Sisters.

(You'll be given Access to this private members area as soon after you register.)

and Just Because It Turns Me On...You'll Also Get to Enjoy
    Free, no obligation, access to the Effortless Attraction New Moon Activation!
    Just in case you're new to the Temple & haven't yet had the opportunity to Insperiance the Magik of our Sacred Circle for yourself, I'm offering this incredibly Powerful New Moon Activation recording to You as my Gift in service to Your Bliss. No membership required
    But as soon as you see what else I'm offering, I do believe you'll choose to join now anyway!
    All Active members receive Generous V.I.P. Discounts on All Temple Of Wombn offerings PLUS frequent Diva Goodie Bag gifts & prizes from our mission partners!  
Activate Your Membership Now
 You're Getting By Now That This A Remarkably Valuable & Rare Opportunity To Realize Consistent Whole Self Healing, Clarity & Amplification
for the Fulfillment of Your Highest Desires
Towards Real World Mastery!
So, Here's How You Get In!...
If offered individually, the elements of this unique healer's Circle would total more than $3,500. The wombn you'll be joining, report that the targeted acceleration you will experience in your life & Sacred work as an active member/beneficiary of this Revelation Sisterhood, iz easily well worth that and more.  However, you won't have to invest $3,500 or even half of that to own & enjoy the full value of this transformational partnership for Your inner & outer Bliss Mastery.

As always, we are dedicated to making the Temple Of Wombn's offerings available in compassionate ways that fully honor and support YOU!
In this Spirit, Your membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle, including everything you just read above, plus much more, can be activated for as little as Only $33!
Activate Your Membership Now
Tell the YOUniverse You've Decided to Own & Reveal Your Bliss
in Every Possible Way, Right NOW...then Stand Back & Get Ready for the Great Mothers to work Their Magik through YOU!  
  ~ Declaration of Conscious Activation ~

Yes!  I'm ready to Activate my Membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle
 and begin Learning & Activating the keys to Realize, Grow & Send Forth My own Healing Power to Achieve Shamelessly Vibrant Well-Being, Unwavering Passion, Crystal Clear Purpose, Inspired Relationships!

I understand that I'm activating membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle as my conscious commitment to owning and boldly revealing my Divine Gifts as a healer. My tuition offering for this program iz freely given and non-refundable. I understand that I can cancel my membership at anytime - but can't Dream of any reason why I'd want to, except to upgrade, which I am always free to do!

I also understand that if I do choose to cancel my membership I will lose all access to these privileges at that time, AND if I choose to cancel and then choose to re-join, I am not guaranteed a spot back in the group or membership at my original rate.

Choose your membership level by deciding which kind of Healer You Are...

Diva Healer
  • Free Admission to monthly New & Full Moon Circle Calls
  • Listen & Download access to the complete audio archive of ALL Diva Calls
  • Your Own Private Discussion Area in our Circle Online
  •  Exclusive Subscription to Womb Wisdom Your Private Activation eLetter
 Renews monthly

Only $33 
Emergent Healer

Enjoy all the benefits of your Basic Membership


Immerse yourself in an ongoing Inner Circle
MotherMind of focused accountability and support where you will learn step-by-step how to realize ANY Desire with natural Feminine Grace and Ease!

Renews seasonally (every 3 months)


Your place of Power and a World Hungry for Your Gifts await You.
Are you ready to richly & masterfully PLAY, Heal & Grow Your Bliss with me?
See You In The Circle!
Divaliciously Yours,

PS. Remember, if you're not 'so hot you melt the sidewalks' Turned ON by all the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle has to offer, you can step away at ANY time. But you can't enjoy all the Juicy Liberating Orgasmic Magik & Mastery we have to share until you reserve your spot now!
PPS. Sometimes a strong, leading intuition can feel confusing, scary even. If this iz the case for you now, I invite you to breathe and feel into the power of this opportunity & what it means for your unfolding mastery. If you can trust that your healer's path has led you here, you'll know what action to take.

Whether or not you activate your Circle membership now, please fill in the form below and I'll send your Free "Activating Effortless Attraction" download instructions. Then, after you've allowed yourself to take it in, contact me to explore how you & the Sacred Circle can grow together.


What does Bliss mean to you?    


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