Womb Wisdom Healers Circle, Emergent Healers -Bliss Revelation Sisterhood
Life's a B __ .

Now be honest, how did you fill in the B-word in that sentence?
Or Bitch?

Odds are, you'd really like it to be one of the other four, but it's the last one that sounds and feels more real. And there's a reason for this. For most modern wombn, striving to enjoy spiritually integrated, harmonious and fulfilling lives -- Life iz more struggle than Bliss.

The real truth iz, it's struggle, not life, that's the Bitch.

Besides knowing all about stress induced higher cortisol levels, weight gain, lowered immunity and sex drive, many wombn in sacred wellness professions continue to accept struggle as the way to realize their Soul's Desires.

We don’t struggle because we get off on it. We struggle because deep down we feel a longing to be seen and adored for our true strengths. And we want to feel and see clearly evident leaps in the life areas that mean the most to us...

You require the vibrancy of enjoying optimal energy levels throughout your day.

Even if it means sacrificing health by resorting to caffeine & artificial mood enhancers just to “keep up” with a hyper-masculine, competitive world.

You envision the peace of mind & confidence of having an abundant, Bliss-built livelihood that keeps money in your purse.

Even if it means bargaining away your soul, justifying long hours away from  loved ones, or worst of all martyring yourself through unpredictable finances, draining the creative spark right out of you.

You know you deserve the secure Bliss of knowing you are adored, protected & respected by a lover who fearlessly  appreciates and champions your success as much as you do.

Even if it means putting up with e*motionally & sexually frustrating relationships where you don’t feel understood or treasured, while you try to “heal” them.

You don't really want to compromise. You want all you're capable of envisioning for your life, as well you should!  So you do whatever it takes, even if it hurts. But that's only because you haven’t learned a better way than trying to squeeze your voluptuous feminine life & mission into masculine, hard-edged and self abusing "success tactics".

I'm very passionate about connecting wombn with a Desire to realize their Feminine Creative Power, with the tools and support you need to immediately step into, and begin using the fullest measure of your Power. There's just way too much needless suffering happening among us.

You deserve to know & thoroughly own, the unique Feminine Principles of Desire Fulfillment that are your birthright!

- The Emergent Healers Revelation Journey -

Join our Inner Circle community of Spirit led, determined and action oriented Divas to support, nurture and celebrate you through learning, applying and embodying as your own, proven core spiritual principles, and practical routines to replace frustration with fulfillment, and revive your Divinely sourced power to realize your Desires.

☆ Reclaim your feminine truth and watch your natural vitality flourish.

☆ Reconnect with the power of your Womb and unlock your flow of abundance.

☆ Re*member the depth of your beauty and be witnessed as the irresistible creatrix
you were born to be.

You have the Desires, now join your sisters in the Sacred Circle to claim the Light(spiritual) & Breath(physical) tools to make them live.

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 "For me it was an affirmation of...how honoring desire is affirming our relationship with Divine. The next day is when the activation kicked in for me...All I can say is wow. When we are receptive and relaxed, the energy moves very easily and our true desires will tell us what to do next. Once again this is shown to me that it doesn't have to be hard. Being in the full moon 'glow' can make things easier--if we allow it."
        -Diva Raet Shishini, Cleveland, OH

Entering into my Initiation with Nut in the Temple of Wombn has been one of the more powerful, transformative and Instantly empowering journey's in Sacred Circle for me. The Healers Circle, is pure magic, medicine and wombn shine.”
        -Diva Amaya O'Duir, Vancouver, BC www.beadshinedesign.blogspot.com

“The circle iz like life forever unfolding & revealing more and more of itself! It has been such a divine journey meeting heart to heart, mind to mind and Spirit to Spirit with the wombn of this circle. Each wombn has joyously dedicated and committed themselves to thrive by Being their unapologetically authentic and wildly audacious self. Come join us- laugh, cry, shout, yell and hold each other in Love we do it all!”
        -Diva Nejah Love, Los Angeles, Ca

“I'm holding the space for you to experience the freedom and love within these temple walls that I have.”
   -Diva Mentor Deb Schanilec, Maple Grove, MN

Our Divas regularly report amazing shifts from attending and taking in the energy of our high potency Circle Calls. Imagine what your focused immersion in the Inner Circle of our ongoing Accountability & Support MotherMind could do for you!

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“But Diva Mama, I'm no newbie, I've bought every kinda program and I'm still struggling”

I get this. I've lived this.

When heartache iz more familiar than fulfillment, we find it hard to leap into the arms of our Desires. We want a safety net, just in case.  What we don’t realize, in these moments, iz that our willingness to leap iz the safety net.

Surrendering your current story, whatever that may be, to follow your core Desire, iz the first and most vital step, to revealing your Power to consciously create your life as you choose it to be. Surrender to the Divine Voice speaking through your Desires iz the ONLY real security for any of us.

Security and trust issues are the primary blocks that keep wombn from owning and enjoying their Divine Feminine Power to create, sustain and inspire true life Bliss. Showing wombn how to heal these blocks and the physical and e*motional fatigue they breed, iz why the Emergent Healers Journey was created.

Please breathe into your womb right now...........Listen to Her...........Then leap to where She’s pointing, trusting that your Desire has already won you what you seek.

Because the pure truth iz, it has.

And I would be honored if you would allow our Healers Sisterhood and me, to help you coax it out of hiding and into revelation!

Tell the YOUniverse You've Decided to Own & Reveal Your Bliss
in Every Possible Way, Right NOW...then Stand Back & Get Ready for the Great Mothers to work Their Magik through YOU!  


  - Declaration of Conscious Activation -

Yes!  I'm ready to Activate my upgraded Membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle - Emergent Healers Revelation Journey,  and begin Learning & Activating the keys to Realize, Grow & Send Forth My own Healing Power to Achieve Shamelessly Vibrant Well-Being, Unwavering Passion, Crystal Clear Purpose, Inspired Relationships!

I understand that I'm activating membership in the Womb Wisdom Healers Circle as my conscious commitment to owning and boldly revealing my Divine Gifts as a healer. My tuition offering for this program iz freely given and non-refundable. I understand that I can cancel my membership at anytime - but can't Dream of any reason why I'd want to, except to upgrade, which I am always free to do!

I also understand that if I do choose to cancel my membership I will lose all access to these privileges at that time, AND if I choose to cancel and then choose to re-join, I am not guaranteed a spot back in the group or membership at my original rate.

Choose your Emergence package:

           Emergent Healer Revelation MotherMind
    * Enrollment in Healing Partners InnerView Program
    * Private Emergent Healers forum in our Circle Online
* Free Admission to monthly New & Full Moon Circle Calls
    * Bi-weekly exclusive MotherMind Circle Calls where you receive direct guidance from Diva Mamma Nut & Special Guest Mentors
    * Listen & Download access to the complete audio archive of ALL Circle Calls
    *  Exclusive Subscription to Womb Wisdom, Your Private Activation eLetter

    * 10% V.I.P. Discount on All Temple Of Wombn offerings

Cycles Seasonally (every 3 months)

Register Now for Emergent Healers for only $212/mo

            Elite Emergence Revelation Journey     
    For a limited number of determined & decisive Divas, you have the opportunity to upgrade your membership to include everything above PLUS private VIP clearing & activation sessions with a Certified Diva Mentor who'll work 1-on-1 with you throughout your Revelation Journey.
This membership iz renewed based on availability.

Register Now for Elite Emergence Revelation Journey  for only $1,200
or 3 payments of $435

            Elite Emergence Revelation Journey w/Nut     
   If you are a highly passionate, determined to take flight Diva, who’s ready to accept the lovingly fierce mentorship, accountability and accelerated growth of taking your Revelation Journey 1-on-1 with me, then I invite you to join a handful of very select wombn healers for this high energy Inner Circle.
This limited membership iz by application only. Register now to receive your application.

Register Now for Elite Emergence Revelation Journey  for only $2,100
or 3 payments of $765

All Elite Emergence members will also receive, as my gift, your own hand-crafted, porcelain Womb Centering Charm made & blessed by Mama Mentor & maker of fine art with magikal powers, Diva Carla.  Proudly carry your one-of-a-kind power charm on your person or place it upon your altar to further amplify your revelations during this journey and beyond. 

*** Special Elite Member's BONUS! ***
For a limited time, everyone who registers as an Elite Emergence member will also  receive FREE Tickets for You AND A GUEST to “So Hot We Melt the Sidewalks”, our live Diva Coronation Weekend in Tucson, AZ,  April 2011!
(a $2,500 value!)

This iz a can't miss, life and legacy defining weekend of ceremony, celebration and sisterhood for wombn ready break through all barriers keeping you from shamelessly flaunting your Juice!  You and a your guest will get to wear your Magiks and feed your Womb in a multi-course, Sacred Sisterhood, immersion banquet designed to provide all the elemental nutrition you need to Shine Without Shame.

Elite Emergence Revelation Journey w/Nut  -  $2,100
or choose  3 payments of  only $765


Elite Emergence Revelation Journey  -  $1,200
or choose  3 payments of  only $435


Emergent Healer Revelation MotherMind  -  $212 /mo

Divaliciously Yours,


Founding Priestess & Diva Mama of the Temple Of Wombn
E-mail: info@theTempleOfWombn.com
ph: (520) 30- BLISS


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