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Get What You Want, When You Want, And Keep It Cumming:
FREE Circle Celebration for Wombn Ready to Reveal More Bliss
& Zero Struggle in Their Missions
Recorded Friday Oct 1st, 2010

On this Equinox birthed call, I will show you how easy it iz to give up being a “victim of circumstances”, by learning to “read” and sculpt your Desires for guaranteed successful revelation instead. You will learn one of my most relied upon, personal healing practices that has guided me through nearly 20 years of Blissfully Supported Healing Service.

Equinoxes and Solstices are times to celebrate our capacity for Revelation. One of your most valuable Divine Feminine Powers iz the ability to call up these potent energy gateways, for self and Circle, where and whenever you are in relation to their calendar dates. You have within you, the power to see past any and all limitations. You are meant to call forth, see clearly and command your exact path to Bliss. 

I'm honored to share this very potent healing practice with you in our Sacred Circle and look lovingly forward to Celebrating the struggle-free fulfillment of your Desires in partnership with you, if you choose to join our 90 Day Revelation Journey!

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